photograph by lester lai / hair by ken hong / style by ck koo


"i woke up early as i didn't hear the birds chirp this evening. but good morning. it's gonna be a beautiful day (night)."


sadako's lazy workout:

keeping your front at the back and the front at the front at the same time.
stay for as long as you can't.


nikki #24:

"whether you like it or not, some people appear in your life in order to teach you some (hard) lessons."

i know that. but i really wanna graduate from this one as soon as possible!

nikki #23:

i sincerely wish you happiness.



*Special thanks to Aaron for allowing me to use his photograph as ref for the background.


"ah... it's you... i thought i'm the only one who know.. ."

nikki #22:

... and thus, it's perseverance and passion!!!  (~ ~ ~ shaky legs as a physical result from persevering the moon-walking ~ ~ ~)

(btw, check out DJ Focus! he's amazing.)


again. her contradictory monologue. again. and again.

"...as if there's a hole on the wall and i have a neighbour next door."


nikki #21:

a strategic pose after falling down and before picking up yourself again.
under the circumstance of unbearable pain, you may cry a little while keeping it cool.


sadako in little india

*this series would not have been made possible without the help from ck and kuanth.