nikki #17 (the longest awaited diary update since the last entry, if there's anyone has been waiting):

"i've achieved nothing today." sadako murmured while having kinmedai fish dangling aimlessly between her fingers. "it's ok. nobody says you've to achieve something every single day.' said kinmedai fish. "ah... phew~~~ that's why i love you." said sadako.

sadako's silent call out to a stray cat.

around seven every morning, there's an old lady walks around the neighbourhood and calls out repetitively and devotedly... nyan~ nyan~ nyan~... until 'that' stray cat appears in front of her so that she can feed her. sadako is moved by this non-weather-affected morning ritual between the old lady and the stray cat. hence, this contribution. (starring sadako, kinmedai fish and the uncooperative stray cat who refused to appear in the scene.)


Sadako in Vulture.

Great thanks to Vulture magazine for giving Sadako a platform to reveal her secret garden to the public. Lester Lai, Ken Hong, CK Koo and Dan Takeda, I can't find the best words to express how grateful I am to everything you have done for making this possible. This is definitely my best (of the best) experience to have collaborated with masters like you guys. And last but not least, Adeline Chia, for capturing Sadako's spirit and giving her the most explicit interpretation.