nikki #10:

what? self obliteration with polka dots? i'm immortal with onigiri (triangular rice ball).


"For example, I place polka dots onto my body. And then, I do the same onto my back. That is self obliteration. Or, I put polka dots onto the horse, the form of the horse will disappear and become polka dots. The horse becomes eternity. By doing so, I'm obliterated too." - Yayoi Kusama

(i beg your pardon for my lousy translation. anyway, that's roughly what my beloved artist, Yayoi Kusama, meant. the above comment is solely made by sadako, i have absolutely nothing to do with it.)


nikki #9:

/// the ultimate of narcissism is the piratable narcissism.
--> aaa~ggghh?!!
--> hexagon cape
(inspired by nakedlovemystery, sadako striking her pose of shock) 

* a collaboration with nakedlovemystery by mo.


nikki #7

/// how am i supposed to do with such a slim tv?!
(feeling helpless and thus falling into the state of agitation)
--> plasma tv
--> swan massage stick
--> comfy disposable slippers stolen from hotel


nikki #4:

/// shall we dance?
(i wanna dance i wanna dance i wanna dance i wanna dance)
--> the neighbour, Rocobaroco.