EARTH :: from doodles in sadako tights series to Tokone Japan

It's like a dream come true for my random doodles in Sadako tights series to be actually realised and merchandised now! Thanks to Okamoto Kyouko, Nitta Kazumi for motivating me to make it happen. Shono Hiroaki from Ubies/Vision Track Japan for hooking me up with Tonoke Japan. And CK Koo for the styling/photography and Kuanth for photography to make these photos lovely. /// /// /// if you are interested to order these tights, please check out from here.


  1. What lovely tights! I just went over to the website its sold out for this design. Any other ways I could get my hands on these tights?

    1. hi Tsilli,

      Thank you for liking the tights! :-)
      I just went to check the website, they have 30 in stock now.
      they make new batch after the previous one sold out actually.